Blood Collectors Week: Spotlight on Jennifer in Olympia

September 10, 2015 at 9:25 am


The Olympia Donor Center doesn’t have much in common with a tropical island, but it suits Jennifer just fine!

Jennifer began volunteering for BloodworksNW after living on Kaua`i and O`ahu – she was a United Methodist Minister and, prior to that, a Director of Education for a United Methodist Church.

She was on hired a little over three years ago to work on Mobile 07 in the Olympia area, and recently made the transition into the Olympia donor center to expand her knowledge of different procedures.

Jennifer often receives compliments on her pleasant demeanor and positive attitude; Olympia Center supervisor Lynette Manning says, “you will rarely ever catch her having a bad day.”

Jennifer’s favorite parts of her job are interacting with donors, making their experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible, and letting them know how much they are appreciated.

I also enjoy when first-time donors realize that the process isn’t what they had anticipated, and that saving lives through donating blood is something they look forward to continuing.

Jennifer is a blood donor too: “Whole blood only so far,” but perhaps this will change now that she’s completing mentorship for apheresis training!

When she’s not at work, Jennifer enjoys staying active with her husband, Dan, and nine grandchildren while hiking, biking, backpacking, and camping at family property at Lake Quinault. She and Dan hike the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii every year, one of Backpacker Magazine’s “10 Most Dangerous Hikes” in the US! She’s also an amazing baker – everything she brings in is delicious.

At your next donation, ask Jennifer about her square plate collection or her favorite piano sonata –  she took piano lessons for 8 years.

Thanks, Jennifer!

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