Way to go, Wayne! Platelet donor hits 500 unit milestone

January 19, 2017 at 2:12 pm


Wayne Dimmig is a dedicated platelet donor! He donated at Bloodworks’ Tukwila location on his way home from work for many years, and when he retired last March he started donating at Federal Way.

Wayne’s father was a blood donor, and started him early on it.

When Wayne moved from New York to the Pacific Northwest in 1979 to work for the Boeing Company, he donated with us at mobile drives when we would be at his work site.


After donating whole blood for 12 years, BloodworksNW staff talked him in to trying platelet donation in 1991.

Wayne was able to balance whole blood and platelet donations until 1998, but when he started getting deferred for hematocrit at his platelet appointments, he decided to dedicate himself to platelet donation alone. Wayne knows how important platelets are for the community, and felt that apheresis would be the better choice for him if he could only do one type of donation.

Despite the challenges and a few deferrals along the way, Wayne has been an amazing contributor to the strength of our community blood supply.  This busy father even kept up his donations throughout raising his triplets!


Wayne recently donated his 504th unit, and came in to visit is 500 unit leaf on the Federal Way Tree of Life.

Way to go, Wayne!

Inspired? Give platelets a try!

Derek’s Centralia Scholarship Drive

December 29, 2016 at 12:59 pm

Centralia High School Senior Derek Sibbald organized his second scholarship drive this December at the Centralia Community Church of God. The first drive he co-hosted with friend in late August. The August drive registered 59 whole blood donors and his December drive registered 35 whole blood donors and 5 platelet donors! Derek shares why hosting these scholarship drives has meant so much to him.

As a resident of Centralia, Derek has been very involved in the community: participating in activities with his church, community service projects, and being actively involved at Centralia High School through clubs and leadership opportunities.  In his off time, Derek enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest and cheering on the Seahawks.

Participating in clubs at school, like Future Business Leaders of America, has been one of Derek’s favorite things to do. He likes competing in events and supporting community service projects.

The big event of the year is helping at his schools very own blood drive. The blood drive at Centralia High School introduced Derek to Bloodworks Northwest, where he further learned that Bloodworks is “an absolute godsend” to the community, supplying blood to local hospitals from local donors.

Derek and his friend decided to get more involved last summer by hosting their very own scholarship blood drive in Centralia. They wanted their blood drive to help the local community thrive, while also supporting their college education.

Derek takes pride that several lives have been saved from his scholarship drives, local lives at that.

The scholarship reward is an added benefit that will support his college education at St. Martin’s University where he has been accepted and will attend as a freshman in the fall of 2017.

Derek is honored that he can now add blood drives to the many things he has done for the community, from being 6th grade camp counselor, to helping the homeless. He says that the blood drives have been the most rewarding!

High school and college students can earn money for college while saving lives! Learn more at bloodworksnw.org/scholarshipThere is no limit to the number of scholarship drives a student can host.


#GivingTuesday is November 29, 2016

November 21, 2016 at 4:43 pm


#GivingTuesday is an international day of giving. Celebrated on the last Tuesday in November, #GivingTuesday offers a philanthropic alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, helping you get involved in your local community.

This #GivingTuesday, BloodworksNW offers three ways to give:

  1. Give blood: by giving blood just once you could save three lives!
  2. Give funds: your donation helps scientists at Bloodworks Research Institute find cures for diseases like blood clots and hemophilia.
  3. Give time: volunteers are critical to getting blood to people in local hospitals.

Click on an icon below to learn more and take the next step!

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Kevin’s story: blood donation and BBQ

September 1, 2016 at 4:13 pm



Meet Kevin Jones and his girlfriend, Debbie. Kevin is a double red cell donor at BloodworksNW’s Olympia Donor Center.

Kevin came in to present us with a donation of $1113 today! Kevin puts on fundraising events, and this year he chose BloodworksNW as the recipient of money raised at the Annual Greasy Biker & Neighbor BBQ.

The Greasy Biker & Neighbor BBQ started in Kevin’s backyard, but the event grew. Past attendees wanted to camp out overnight. And thought a band and bike show would be great too.

Today, it’s an extravaganza of bikes, beer, and BBQ pork, chicken, steamers, and oysters.

Kevin believes in BloodworksNW’s mission, and always wants to do good for his community. A couple of years ago, Kevin raised funds for a friend who was undergoing cancer treatment. His friend had a single-income family, and Kevin wanted to do something to alleviate some of their financial stresses.

Kevin’s generosity will go towards our fundraising efforts for a new Mini Bus in Olympia. He is happy to know that the money will help community blood drives in Mason and Thurston counties.

Thank you, Kevin!

Your financial contributions make a difference! Make a gift online.

Chad’s story: a dad giving back for his son

June 16, 2016 at 7:00 am

Chad’s colleagues donate blood at the drive he organized.

When Chad Etsell’s coworkers at Booking.com heard that BloodworksNW was having a shortage of certain blood types, they wanted to go into a donor center to donate blood as a group.

Chad figured, why not set up a blood drive in Booking.com’s Seattle office instead? Within a day and a half, thirty-five people had committed.

Blood donation and donated blood mean a lot to Chad and his family.

Blood donations literally saved my son’s life, so it has a special place for me. I want to donate as much as I can whenever I can, and encourage other people to do the same.

When he was just over one year old, the Etsell’s oldest son, Henry, lost two thirds of his blood into his abdomen after a routine operation turned into an emergency.

After the operation he was very pale and lethargic and not his normal self, even considering having an operation, and had massive bruising and massive swelling.

Tests showed that Henry had hemophilia, an inherited disorder caused by missing clotting protein, called factor. Henry received factor infusions to stop the bleeding and blood transfusions to get his blood level back to normal. He spent four or five days in Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Today, three-year-old Henry receives his daily infusion of factor and immune therapy treatment like a champ.

Chad and Graham helping Henry with his daily factor fusion

Chad and Graham helping Henry with his daily factor fusion.

It doesn’t phase him – he just watches his cartoons or eats breakfast while we’re doing it and it’s totally fine.

Chad is the only one in his family who can donate blood: his wife, Nicolette, and youngest son, Graham, also have hemophilia. He takes pride in being a blood donor.

Chad gives with help from Henry

Chad donates blood with help from Henry.

It’s something you do because it’s important and because it helps people. The stats I found really hit it home: one in four people is going to need at least one transfusion in their life. It’s guaranteed someone very close to you is going to need a blood transfusion.

That’s a pretty huge impact for something that’s relatively small.

Chad’s encouragement paid off: Booking.com registered 44 donors, with 32 first time donors at their drive in May!

Want to help? Schedule your next donation or organize a blood drive.

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