A Super Volunteer With a Simple Reason Why

The room is filled with giddy anticipation. It’s a gathering of Bloodworks Northwest volunteers and employees eagerly awaiting the guest of honor (and, as it happens, birthday lady): Shirley Stubben, a dedicated Bloodworks volunteer for over 25 years.

Eyes whip toward the door each time someone slips in. Finally, it’s the entrance everyone’s been waiting for.

As she crosses the threshold, Shirley grins at familiar faces but then freezes, momentarily flabbergasted by the full scene: flashing cameras, balloons, banners and a buffet spread. “I wasn’t looking for any of this,” she later said with tears in her eyes.

Super woman! Shirley has been a regular volunteer at six local organizations for over 20 years.

Not one to call attention to herself, Shirley’s motivation for volunteering is simple: “It just gives me a good feeling.” Incredibly, Bloodworks is just one of many local organizations to which she has regularly given time for over two decades, including the Arthritis Foundation, West Seattle Food Bank, Washington Talking Book & Braille Library, and Seattle Goodwill. At age 80, she volunteers between 120 and 150 hours each month.

“I’ve been a volunteer for the biggest part of my life,” she said. “It’s so easy to give money, but to donate time and skills to help a nonprofit I think is just the ultimate.”

Bloodworks CEO and President Dr. AuBuchon thanks Shirley for her dedicated service.

A former data security analyst for Washington Mutual Bank, Shirley first heard about Bloodworks through her company’s monthly blood drives. “They needed volunteers to help monitor the donors, so I started volunteering every month,” she said. Soon, she was recruiting co-workers to pitch in and contributing extra hours at Bloodworks’ Seattle Central Donor Center every Wednesday night.

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