Behind the Scenes: A Bloodworks Donor’s Photo Shoot with Seattle Football Star Bobby Wagner




Bobby Wagner-2Nicole Stanton is an art director, mama of two boys, blood donor–and a big football fan.

So naturally, she was thrilled when she found out she would be joining the Bloodworks photo shoot with Seattle professional football player Bobby Wagner. Bobby will hang out with 12 randomly selected donors and volunteers at the end of the season.

“I was a huge fan when Bobby joined the team, and getting to meet him and get some photos was awesome,” she said. “A lot of bragging on social media.”

Nicole has been a blood donor even longer than she’s been bleeding blue and green.

“It all started in high school and from there, when I see an opportunity, I take advantage of it,” she said.

Though Nicole is sometimes deferred due to a low iron count, she makes it a point to donate when the Bloodworks bus comes to her work. For her, it’s an efficient way to help the community and an opportunity to set an example for her kids.


“I have a six-year-old who’s very impressionable right now,” she said. “I’m trying to lay out a good example of community service at a young age.”

According to Nicole, Bobby’s support of blood donation is another great example.

“I think they are an awesome football team and I love their commitment to doing good in the community,” she said. “The fact that the partnership exists makes total sense to me.”

So, what was Bobby like in person?

“He is super kind and he definitely has a sense of humor,” she said.  “My dad is a fan, and you know, all through my life, my kids and everything, he’s like, ‘Oh that’s cool,’ but that photo of me and Bobby—he was so impressed. I think I made him the most proud of me he’s ever been.”

Want to hang out with Bobby Wagner too? You’ll be entered to win an invite each time you give blood or volunteer, through Feb. 4. Learn more at