Why I Give Blood: “You Just Never Know”

August 16, 2017 at 1:28 pm

Lots of companies encourage their employees to get involved with local charities and non-profits. It’s a great way to give back to their community. Some companies encourage their workers to run in a local 5k, some are invited to plant a tree, some even answer the call to serve dinner at a local shelter. But rarely do you find volunteers who have a deeply personal connection to the non-profit they support.

Not like DeAnn Batty.


DeAnn is an account manager at Cigna, a Connecticut-based insurance company. Seattle-based non-profit Bloodworks Northwest is one of her accounts. Cigna is a Premiere Sponsor of Bloodworks Northwest.

But that’s not why DeAnn is a big supporter of Bloodworks and especially their annual fundraising event called Swim for Life, happening August 25 in the waters off Seattle’s Seward Park. DeAnn supports Swim for Life because of her twin ten-year-old sons, Mason and Justin. And because for DeAnn, “You just never know when you’ll need blood.”

In October of 2007, DeAnn gave birth to Mason and Justin Batty. They were born prematurely – very prematurely. Mason weighed only 2 pounds, 1 ounce. Justin weighed even less, 1 pound, 13 pounces.


The infants were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Swedish Hospital for 87 and 99 days. Each little boy needed multiple blood transfusions to survive. Mason received four from Swedish and Justin needed five transfusions, all from Bloodworks. Today, DeAnn Batty says, “I’m so grateful for the services provided by Bloodworks that not only supports us but the whole community as well.”


Now, DeAnn’s boys are ten years old. They live, breathe and eat anything that has to do with the Seattle Mariners and they can’t get enough time at Safeco Field. But on August 25 you’ll see them at Swim for Life at Seward Park because for DeAnn, “Supporting Bloodworks is easy.” She also wants to thank anyone who’s ever donated blood at Bloodworks.

Today, Mason and Justin spend their summers making YouTube videos. And DeAnn is a Bloodworks regular donor. She’s been donating for four years now, because, as she says, “You just never know when you’ll need a place like Bloodworks. You just never know.”

To learn more and sign up for Swim for Life, an open-water swim on Aug. 25 benefiting Bloodworks’ lifesaving research and blood collection programs, visit swimforlife.bloodworksnw.org.