College-Bound Students Are Saving Lives

February 1, 2017 at 8:00 am


Here’s an interesting insight: high school students are among Bloodworks’ most active donors and blood drive organizers. In fact, high school blood drives account for about 17% of the local blood supply when school is in session.

To encourage high school students to get involved with blood donation, Bloodworks offers a scholarship program for college-bound high school seniors. These biannual scholarships reward students for organizing and hosting blood drives during winter and summer when the need for blood is the strongest. Students who recruit 50 donors earn a $500 tuition award; those who recruit 36 donors earn $400. Last year, the program resulted in 45 blood drives and the registration of more than 2,000 donors. Considering that each donation can save three lives, these student-led blood drives had the potential to help 6,000 patients.
Our program awarded $18,000 in scholarships. Scholarship recipient Chantel Young organized a blood drive in the summer of 2016 that brought in 50 donors—22 were first-time donors. Regarding her $500 scholarship, Chantel says, “I’m still pinching myself. I got to earn money and save lives at the same time.” This year, Bloodworks will continue to help the next generation of blood donors make a difference—while helping them achieve their college dreams, too.

You can stop pinching yourself—saving lives is as easy as giving blood. Schedule your appointment to donate today.