Doubling the Odds for Beating Cancer

February 1, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Gina Grein

After six months of strange but explainable health occurrences—low energy, a leg bruise, discolored gums—Gina Grein went to her doctor.

She was immediately sent to the ER where she received four units of blood. A bone marrow biopsy confirmed the worst: Gina had acute myeloid leukemia (AML). The prognosis was grim—10 months to live with no treatment; a 39% chance of survival with standard chemotherapy.

After five months of chemo, Gina’s cancer went into remission, only to return a year later. Her care team at UW Medical Center recommended a progressive procedure: after head-to-toe radiation and transfusions, Gina received a double cord blood transplant donated by two generous moms.

Gina Grein

Success. Relief. Remission.

Twenty months later, Gina is slowly rebuilding her immune system, her energy is returning, and she’s excited to be back at work, if only for a few hours a week. Gina says she is grateful for her care team, the blood donors, and the parents of the now-toddler boys whose donated cord blood saved her life.

“I think about those donors every day,” Gina says. “I’m grateful more people are aware of cord blood donation. Without it I wouldn’t be alive.”

Bloodworks partners with 12 hospitals to collect cord blood stem cells used in cancer treatment.

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