Way to go, Wayne! Platelet donor hits 500 unit milestone

January 19, 2017 at 2:12 pm


Wayne Dimmig is a dedicated platelet donor! He donated at Bloodworks’ Tukwila location on his way home from work for many years, and when he retired last March he started donating at Federal Way.

Wayne’s father was a blood donor, and started him early on it.

When Wayne moved from New York to the Pacific Northwest in 1979 to work for the Boeing Company, he donated with us at mobile drives when we would be at his work site.


After donating whole blood for 12 years, BloodworksNW staff talked him in to trying platelet donation in 1991.

Wayne was able to balance whole blood and platelet donations until 1998, but when he started getting deferred for hematocrit at his platelet appointments, he decided to dedicate himself to platelet donation alone. Wayne knows how important platelets are for the community, and felt that apheresis would be the better choice for him if he could only do one type of donation.

Despite the challenges and a few deferrals along the way, Wayne has been an amazing contributor to the strength of our community blood supply.  This busy father even kept up his donations throughout raising his triplets!


Wayne recently donated his 504th unit, and came in to visit is 500 unit leaf on the Federal Way Tree of Life.

Way to go, Wayne!

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