Meet BloodworksNW’s summer interns!

Meet our 2016 summer volunteer interns! These talented, bright students have been a great addition to BloodworksNW, and are enjoying learning about research, healthcare, fundraising, and other aspects of our organization.


Katherine (L) and Christine (R) are volunteering on our Development team! They’re sisters (triplets, actually) who will be seniors at Bellevue High School in the fall. Along with their brother, they were born prematurely, and Christine needed a blood transfusion. They’re organizers of Music for Life: A Concert Benefiting Bloodworks Northwest, and are both excited to learn more about fundraising, communication and leadership skills, and how medical technology is used to help the community. Their BloodworksNW supervisors say that it’s such a pleasure to be working with such quick and dedicated learners!


Neha is a Regulatory Affairs student interning with our Materials Management department! She’s inspired by BloodworksNW’s lifesaving work and is excited to be part of this team. Being a Regulatory Affairs student, she also wants to learn about the regulations, clinical research, and quality system management that BloodworksNW uses in maintaining the quality of biologics, blood products, and providing excellent health care services, and is hoping to jump start her career in the healthcare industry.

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Avina is a Business student at the University of Washington! She’s helping Washington Center for Bleeding Disorders with medical records and reporting this summer. She admires Bloodworks’ commitment to serving diverse communities, and is most excited to learn more about how data is stored, analyzed, and used to summarize populations. When she’s not in school or at Bloodworks, she enjoys attending on-campus cultural events, finding new places to eat, and competing against her family in Mario Party.


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