Blood Collectors Week: Spotlight on Sherie of Mobile 6

September 11, 2015 at 12:26 pm


Sherie has been a familiar face for blood donors in Western Washington for the past decade!

She’s worked on several mobile teams, in the Everett donor center, and even as administrative support specialist at BloodworksNW’s Central Seattle headquarters, but realized she liked engaging with the donors and the community more than working behind the scenes.

She’s been with Mobile 6 out of Everett for the last 5 years and considers the team her home away from home.

You sort of end up becoming a little family with how much time you end up spending together.  Really, you are with your team on the mobiles more than you are with your “real” family, so it’s always nice when you have an awesome team.

Sherie is beloved by donors and staff alike. Angie Hinton, Everett and Mobile 6 supervisor, raves,

Sherie steps up EVERY time we ask anything of her, and is one of my GO TO people to get things done!

Her own experience with blood donation gives her extra empathy with nervous donors:

I don’t actually do very well with giving blood, oddly enough.  I try my best to give it when I can, and just have to take necessary measures to make sure I feel okay when I stand up.  Ice packs, and Gatorade.  🙂

When she’s not working, Sherie enjoys spending time with friends on the weekends, going to/and watching Seahawks games, and taking advantage of the Pacific Northwest outdoors.

I enjoy going for hikes with my girlfriend, and also going on backpacking trips when we can.  I haven’t gotten to go paddle boarding at all this year, but learned how to do that last summer, and love it! Camping is always fun, there’s a limitless amount of places to go do that in WA.  We always try to find new, fun places to take our dog swimming, since that’s her favorite thing in the world.

She loves knowing that, every day, she and her team are making a difference and helping people:  “We all work really hard, and some days are more challenging than others, but it’s worth it, and feels good.”

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