Blood Collectors Week: Spotlight on Melvina


If you want to know the way to Central Seattle’s Melvina’s heart, ask her about her favorite book.

I’m a reader! I love books. All kinds of books. I like to go out and hunt at secondhand stores for books — I’ve gotten some classic books for pennies on the dollar! People say I probably have too many books.

She started at BloodworksNW four years ago as a donor scheduler, then moved to our Transfusion Service Lab, and finally out to the floor in the donor center at Central Seattle.

Before coming to BloodworksNW, Melvina was a corrections officer for King County at the Regional Justice Center for eight years.

The Donor Center is a great fit for Melvina – her favorite part of her job is interacting with donors. She says, “there are a lot of wonderful people, and everyone has a story.”

Just recently, we had a donor who came in to donate apheresis platelets for the first time in honor of his sister, who had passed away at 22 years old. And he also had some of his friends who came in as support. and they donated whole blood. It’s a tradition that he’s doing in honor of his sister.

A lot of good people come through.

Donors enjoy interacting with Melvina too, and are quick to learn that there’s a lot going on behind her calm demeanor.

I’m probably more adventurous than they realize, just because I’m such a quiet person! I’m somebody that’s willing to try things.

Central Seattle regulars will be sad to learn that Melvina is transferring to Tukwila to be closer to home — the shortened commute will give her more time to read!

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  1. Rachel Ashford:

    I recently met Melvina at the donor center in Tukwila! She’s such a lovely person! I really enjoyed chatting with her throughout the whole process of donating.