Young Professional Ambassadors…Are You One?

October 21, 2010 at 11:30 am

By Beth Newman

Who are they? Maybe you. Young Professional Ambassadors (YPA) is an opportunity to learn about all that Puget Sound Blood Center is working on, share your knowledge with the community and become experienced in working with nonprofits.

Your time, money and energy are available to be spent on causes that are important to you. It is not always clear what those causes are. I was wondering how to give back after an accident left me fighting for my life. There were so many people and organizations that all pulled together to ensure my survival. Puget Sound Blood Center was a large piece of saving my life as their blood products were what gave my body time to heal from the life-saving surgeries that were performed.

I started donating blood when I was in high school after my mom signed a permission slip. I remember thinking that it was a simple case of it being the right thing to do, and I did it without much thought. Later as a nurse, I knew the importance of blood donations as I gave blood products to my patients and watched their lives improve.

Personally, I know the gift of the Blood Center as I received 100 components of blood after an accident. I am looking forward to the 3-year anniversary of my accident in the upcoming weeks. I needed a way to give back all that had been given to me. I had already been back donating blood one year after my accident. I needed to do more.

I have been working in the Development Office of the main branch of Puget Sound Blood Center for the past couple of months. I have been given a chance to speak to blood donors and financial contributors. I thank them personally for their gifts to the Blood Center on behalf of all of the people who will be helped by their donation.

A situation like mine does not need to be the catalyst for donating your time. As you find out all that the Blood Center does for our community, you realize that you will be helping your family members, neighbors and community as a whole. Your time and effort may not be visible to you as a member of this new volunteer committee, but I can tell you first hand that the people you help are eternally grateful as well as are their friends and family.

This is the time for you to use your talents and energy to make an incredible impact for so many people. Another benefit to YPA members should be listed as: Forever be a hero to countless patients and families whose lives are forever changed, helped and restored by your gift of time, money and energy.

Young Professional Ambassadors…are you one?

Check out the Young Professional Ambassadors of the Blood Center and review the objectives for more information on the program. The application can be found at: