Why I Love Volunteers and My Job!

July 24, 2010 at 2:08 pm

Jan and Augie, Long-Time Volunteers with whom Cecilia Stevens has Worked at the Silverdale Donor Center

By Cecilia Stevens, Volunteer Services Coordinator at the Silverdale Donor Center

I have the pleasure of hearing many stories and meeting many lives that have been touched by the Blood Center. Volunteers who join us often stay for years doing jobs such as registration, donor monitoring, administration and transportation. Without these wonderful individuals, we could not succeed and I would not have this great job!

The most important part of my job is developing and nurturing ongoing relationships. Also crucial is training volunteers well so that they are confident in their jobs. Every day is different and exciting. It is not stress-free, but no job is, and the reward is knowing you are helping others give something special of their time and talents to a very special organization. I thank Puget Sound Blood Center for the privilege of being a Volunteer Services Coordinator.

If you wish to become a volunteer for Puget Sound Blood Center, learn the many ways you can help.